Guide to the Best Vanilla Perfumes - 2023

Guide to the Best Vanilla Perfumes - 2023

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Everyone loves a good vanilla scent, whether it's wafting through a cosy kitchen or delicately enveloping our skin. For perfume enthusiasts like us, finding the perfect vanilla-scented perfume can be a journey of delight and discovery. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the best vanilla perfumes for 2023. You're sure to fall in love with one (or many!) of these beautiful fragrances. Join us as we unwrap the sweetness of all things vanilla!

The Allure of Vanilla Scents

Is Vanilla Scent Attractive to Men?

There's a significant volume of research and discussions that support the notion that men find vanilla scents alluring. But, why exactly are men drawn to this sweet scent? Vanilla's warm and comforting aroma exudes a sense of familiarity, which may evoke memories of comforting moments. Vanilla can help to create an upbeat atmosphere and trigger positive feelings. Check out our amber perfume collection for some sultry vanilla-infused fragrances.

Vanilla as a Seductive Fragrance

Many fragrances use vanilla as their base because of its richness and sensuality. You have your unforgettable classics like 'Shalimar' and 'Poison', and sensations from the world of gourmand perfumes, like 'Angel'. These stunning vanilla-scented perfumes project an aura of charm and seduction, perfect for an enchanting evening or a spectacular event.

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Why Vanilla is the Most Attractive Scent

One of the unique features of vanilla perfume is its versatility, making it an attractive scent for perfumers. Not only does it work brilliantly as the star of the show, but it can also serve as a balancing backdrop to other heady notes. Be it an exotic blend of cedarwood and vanilla or a flirtatious medley of blackcurrant and vanilla, there's always something special created when vanilla is at play. The timeless appeal of vanilla speaks volume on why it's highly attractive and in-demand.

Best Combos with Floral Notes

A seamless fusion of sweet vanilla and floral notes is always delightful, creating a soft yet captivating fragrance. For example, combining the ethereal aroma of gardenia with creamy vanilla creates a whimsical, romantic, and utterly enchanting scent. So, if you're a floral fan seeking some extra allure in your perfume, scour our fruity perfumes collection for inspiring vanilla-floral combinations.

Best Combos with Gourmand Notes

Gourmand vanilla fragrances transport your senses to heavenly bakeries, filled with indulgent treats. Scents that blend vanilla with rich notes like cinnamon, caramel or coffee result in a mouthwatering, skin-loving perfume. Browse our fun perfumes catalogue for exciting concoctions that bring together vanilla's sweetness and gourmet delights.

Best Combos with Oriental Notes

A complex and enchanting oriental-vanilla fragrance offers a sophisticated, mysterious allure. The balsamic sweetness of amber and the smoky, resinous notes of incense paired with the golden warmth of vanilla make for an exotic, sensual perfume that entices and intrigues. To dive deeper into the world of oriental vanilla scents, explore our mesmerizing dark perfume options.

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The Best Vanilla Perfumes

Classic Vanilla Fragrances

Timeless, elegant and undeniably popular, classic vanilla-scented perfumes have been crowd favourites for several decades. The intoxicating warmth of vanilla in iconic fragrances like Guerlain's Shalimar or Dior's Poison has left lasting impressions on many perfume enthusiasts. Discover the perfect classic vanilla fragrance for you by browsing our carefully curated elegant perfume collection.

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Contemporary Vanilla Perfumes

Modern interpretations of vanilla perfumes incorporate a playful twist or a refined elegance to appeal to today’s perfume wearers. One such perfume is Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl, which masterfully blends seductive vanilla with warm coffee and delicate almond notes. Our everyday perfumes collection is a splendid place to start your search for the perfect contemporary vanilla-scented fragrance.

Unique Vanilla Scented Perfumes

For those seeking individuality in their fragrances, unique interpretations of vanilla perfumes offer a refreshing contrast from conventional scents. Vanilla paired with refreshing citrus or green tea notes creates a stimulating, invigorating scent experience. Head over to our fresh & fruity perfume collection to explore some pleasantly surprising vanilla perfumes.

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Tips to Smell Like Vanilla All Day

Layering Your Fragrances

To keep your vanilla scent long-lasting, we suggest following a technique called layering. Start with a complementary vanilla-scented body lotion and pair it with matching or similarly scented perfume from our Cherry Vanilla Perfume collection. Combining the two helps create a persistent fragrance that'll keep you smelling like delicious vanilla throughout the day.

Choosing the Right Concentration

Fragrance concentrations play a significant role in how long they last. The higher the concentration, the longer the staying power. It's essential to strike a balance, though – you don't want a scent that's overpowering, particularly when dealing with such a delicate yet tenacious note as vanilla. For an ideal balance of strength and subtlety, consider trying eau de parfums or perfume oils from our Cetalox Perfume line.

Fragrance Routine

Getting the most out of your vanilla scent requires dedication to your fragrance routine. Make sure to spritz your perfume on fragrance hotspots, such as your wrists, the crooks of your elbows, behind the knees, and around your neck for optimal diffusion. Furthermore, using matching scented hair products or body mists can enhance your vanilla aura, making you smell enticing all day long.

Seductive Scents and Their Effect on Men

What Smells Turn Guys On

Besides the beloved vanilla scent, several other fragrances have worked their magic on men. For instance, honeysuckle, bergamot, and coriander are known for their fetching appeal. Boost your perfume collection with these attractive scents by exploring our floral and oriental perfume selections.

Most Seductive Scents for a Date Night

Captivate your date with a sultry and captivating scent that exudes confidence, elegance, and allure. Gourmand combinations like black pepper or cherry almond with vanilla make a wonderful scent pairing perfect for a romantic evening. Browse our tantalising range of seductive scents ideal for creating unforgettable moments on date nights.

Perfect Vanilla Scent for the Fun and Flirty Girl

If a flirty and vivacious vanilla perfume is your thing, we've got just the ticket. Happy-go-lucky fragrances like those infused with aromatic ginger or mouth-watering blackcurrant notes bring out the fun and lively side of vanilla scent. Immerse yourself in our delightful Fun Perfumes line-up to find that perfect fun and flirty vanilla fragrance.

How to Smell Like Pure Vanilla

Vanilla lovers often search for that evocative, pure vanilla scent that takes centre stage. Achieving a true, authentic vanilla fragrance requires selecting perfumes with a high concentration of natural vanilla extract or aroma molecules that mimic the natural scent. For those with sensitive skin, consider seeking out hypo-allergenic perfumes that are gentle yet efficiently exude the desired vanilla essence.

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Another tip to enhance the pure vanilla experience is to use matching vanilla-scented body products like body wash, lotion, and hair care products, making your scent profile authentically vanilla throughout. To assist you in creating the perfect pure vanilla aura, take a look at our select Cherry Vanilla Perfume collection.


Choosing the best vanilla perfume is a delightful adventure filled with the exploration of classic, contemporary, and unique vanilla scents. You can have fun layering and experimenting to create your one-of-a-kind vanilla fragrance profile, from pure vanilla to those combined with various floral, gourmand or oriental notes.

Whether you're seeking a seductive scent for date night or an uplifting aroma for everyday wear, there's a plethora of fantastic vanilla-fruity, vanilla-floral or vanilla-spice combinations just waiting to be discovered in our curated collections.

Embark on your fragrance journey today and allow our thoughtfully curated perfume collections to inspire and enchant you. Your perfect vanilla fragrance might just be a click away!

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