Welcome to our Coffee Perfume collection, where we explore the mesmerising world of coffee-inspired fragrances. If you're as passionate about coffee as we are about perfume, this is the perfect place for you to discover your next signature scent. Let's indulge in alluring aromas crafted to awaken the senses and transport you into the rich, comforting world of coffee.

Coffee Perfume

Coffee perfumes are all about capturing those enchanting coffee aromas in a bottle. The fragrances in our coffee perfume collection blend the delightful scents of fresh hot coffee with a variety of other notes to create unique and captivating perfumes. Look out for coffee notes combined with fruity, floral, or gourmand compositions, as well as fragrances that capture the essence of a morning coffee or a brewed coffee.

Embrace the Irresistible Coffee-Driven Gourmand Scents

Featuring a luxurious mix of sweet and savoury aromas, coffee-driven gourmand perfumes expertly encapsulate the warmth and depth of a freshly brewed coffee. These scents play with the coffee's richness, incorporating irresistible hints of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel that make you want to come back for more.

Our Favourite Coffee Perfumes

There are several standout coffee fragrances that have enamoured both coffee and perfume lovers alike. Some of the most celebrated examples include the iconic Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, which stylishly marries the boldness of coffee with the elegance of white florals. Another staff favourite is Bohoboco Cof-White Flowers, offering a perfect balance of seductive coffee notes and delicate white flowers for a distinctive and long-lasting scent. Finally, we love Lush Cardamom Coffee blends spicy cardamom and smooth coffee undertones for a unique, warming sensation that's perfect for everyday wear.

Shop the Best Coffee Perfumes Online

At Àerre, we're proud to offer our customers the opportunity to explore the world of scent with our affordable yet high-quality coffee perfumes. Made in France, our fragrances are crafted to provide the same luxurious experience as the designer brands you know and love, but at a fraction of the cost. So why not treat yourself to a new coffee perfume today?

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