Welcome to Àerre's Coriander Perfume collection! With a fresh yet spicy character, coriander perfumes are perfect scents to make a statement at any special event. Dive into the world of coriander-based fragrances and explore the unique aromatic profile that awaits you. Read on to learn more about the essence of coriander perfume and the top-picks from our collection.

Coriander Perfume: Spicy and Fresh Scents for the Confident Woman

Coriander perfume is crafted from the Coriandrum Sativum plant – also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro. The distinctive scent profile ranges from spicy oriental character to a fresher, aromatic quality derived from coriander seed. As a prevalent ingredient in fragrant herbs, coriander brings an exotic, warm fragrance to feminine floral chypres.

With its bold mixture of aromatic spices, coriander perfume is ideal for those who want a scent that makes an impression on others. By combining the coriander scent with other compatible notes, we create exquisite Àerre perfumes that delight your senses and leave an unforgettable trail.

How Coriander Perfume Oil Enhances the Fragrance Experience

Coriander perfume oil, often encompassing coriander essential oil and cilantro oil, allows for a deeper, longer-lasting fragrance. As an Eau de Parfum, our coriander blends hold a higher concentration of perfume oil, which results in a richer and more lasting scent.

The alluring aroma is perfect for special occasions, as the coriander perfume provides a refreshing and crisp fragrance that amplifies your presence at any unique gathering.

Our Favourite Coriander Perfumes

As perfume enthusiasts, we've narrowed down the most appealing coriander-based scents. Personally, we love Jo Malone's Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne which expertly combines coriander with woody notes for a seductive and powerful aroma. This author also adores L’Artisan Parfumeur's Timbuktu transports you on an exotic journey, blending coriander with green mango and incense to create an intoxicating scent.

For a more feminine touch, Gucci's Memoire d'une Odeur fuses the warmth of coriander with the delicacy of jasmine petals in a bewitching perfume that symbolises love and freedom.

Shop the best Coriander Perfumes online

At Àerre, we take pride in crafting high-quality perfumes made in France – the same location where top luxury designer brands create their fragrances. Browse our extensive range of coriander perfumes, offering a signature scent for each individual taste.

We also offer free shipping, so you can enjoy your Àerre fragrances with complimentary delivery, making your shopping experience more delightful and budget-friendly.

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