Discover the enchanting world of amber perfumes, where warm and sweet scents create an alluring effect that is perfect for cooler months. In this collection, you'll find affordable dupes of luxury designer fragrances, so you can indulge in the captivating power of amber without breaking the bank.

Amber Perfume

Amber is a rich, warm, sweet, and resinous scent that has been cherished in perfumery for centuries. As a key ingredient in the Oriental fragrance family, amber can be found in various forms, such as labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, and ambergris. It is known for its ability to lend depth and sensuality to a fragrance, making it the perfect base note for an enchanting fragrance experience.

Àerre Perfumes Inspired by Iconic Amber Fragrances

One of our most popular amber perfumes is a perfect example of how we reinterpret iconic scents, providing affordable and high-quality dupes for your favourite designer brands. Our Amber fragrances are inspired by, among others, the alluring and well-loved Tom Ford Amber Absolute.

Our Amber perfume is a fantastic option for those seeking a warm and sweet scent with an elegant twist. This fragrance takes a cue from the ever-so-popular Guerlain Shalimar. With each Àerre perfume, you can enjoy the captivating impact of an amber scent at just a fraction of the retail price.

Perfect for Cooler Months: Embrace the Warmth of Amber Perfume

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, there is something comforting and inviting about wrapping yourself in a warm, sweet scent. Amber perfumes are ideal for wearing during fall and winter, providing a sense of cosiness that complements the cold season beautifully. The rich combination of labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, and ambergris lends a complex sweetness to these fragrances – making them an ultimate autumn and winter accessory.

Shop the Best Amber Perfumes Online

Our affordable dupes of popular amber perfumes are crafted with the utmost care and quality in mind. Made in France – the home of luxury designer fragrances – our perfumes offer an olfactory experience on par with their high-end counterparts. At Àerre, you can indulge in exquisite amber scents without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

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