Hello and welcome to our Vetiver Perfume collection! Vetiver, a versatile and complex scent, has been adored for centuries and is often featured in some of the most iconic fragrances. At Àerre, we offer an exquisite selection of vetiver perfumes for you to indulge in. Let us guide you through the captivating world of vetiver, from its unique scent profile to some of our favourite vetiver fragrances. 😊

Vetiver Perfume

Vetiver, a tropical grass native to India, is known for its rich, earthy, and woody scent. The oil is extracted from the roots of the plant and has been used in perfumery for centuries. Its distinct scent profile makes it a popular ingredient in various luxury and niche fragrances, often used as a base note to enhance the perfume's longevity and depth.

What do Vetiver Perfumes smell like?

Vetiver perfumes are characterised by their warm, earthy, and woody aroma. The scent has balsamic undertones with hints of smokiness and sweetness, making it a complex and captivating fragrance. Vetiver oil is often used as a fixative in perfumes, meaning it helps to anchor and stabilise other fragrance notes, making them last longer. Its versatility allows it to blend harmoniously with various scent families, such as citrus, floral, and spicy notes. Vetiver's long history in perfumery dates back to ancient times, where it was used as a natural air freshener and in traditional medicines.

Some of Our Favourite Vetiver Perfumes

At Àerre, we offer a range of vetiver perfumes that showcase this intriguing scent in all its glory. Some of our favourites from the big perfume houses include:

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