Welcome to our collection of very romantic perfumes! These fragrances are perfect for setting the mood, capturing the essence of love, and making a lasting impression. With a wide variety of scents to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect perfume to ignite the passion in your life. Dive into our world of very romantic perfumes and let your senses guide you on a journey of love and allure. 🥰

Very Romantic Perfumes

Very romantic perfumes are designed to evoke feelings of love, passion, and desire. These fragrances often feature a blend of floral, fruity, and warm notes, creating an enchanting and captivating scent that leaves a lasting impression. These perfumes are perfect for date nights, anniversaries, or any special occasion where you want to make a statement of love and affection. 

What do very romantic perfumes smell like?

Very romantic perfumes are a harmonious blend of various notes, creating a captivating and irresistible scent. Floral notes such as rose, jasmine, and peony are often at the heart of these fragrances, symbolising love and romance. Fruity notes like peach, raspberry, and lychee add a touch of sweetness and playfulness to the scent. Finally, warm and sensual notes like vanilla, amber, and musk round out the fragrance, providing depth and allure. The history of romantic perfumes dates back centuries, used by royalty and aristocrats to seduce and entice their lovers. Today, these fragrances continue to captivate and enchant, making them a timeless choice for those looking to ignite passion and love. 

Some of Our Favourite Very Romantic Perfumes

In addition to our own scents, we also love these from the big perfume houses.

Dior - J'adore: A sensual and luxurious blend of florals, fruit, and musk, this fragrance is the epitome of passion and romance.

Lancôme - La Vie Est Belle: With notes of iris, jasmine, and sweet gourmand, this perfume is a celebration of happiness, love, and femininity.

Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium: A captivating and seductive scent, featuring a blend of coffee, white flowers, and vanilla, perfect for a night of passion and desire.

Chloé - Chloé Eau de Parfum: A modern and feminine fragrance, featuring notes of rose, peony, and magnolia, that exudes love and romance.

Gucci - Guilty: A daring and bold scent, with notes of lilac, patchouli, and amber, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression of love and desire.

Shop the best very romantic perfumes online

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